Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Copy/pasted from Facebook. Inexcusibly so. Anyway.

1. I love the nickname 'Ego.' I think it's cool, zippy and incredibly appropriate for me. I thank the person who came up with it.
2. The person I probably love most in the world is my little brother. He was born when my parents were forty and consequently, they were just too old to keep up with him when he was really little. That onus fell on me and I honestly do believe he's as much my baby as he is theirs.
3. I pride myself on recalling minutiae of dates, events, places and people. I'm also a bit of a nerd for records and associated trivia.
4. I've been a huge fan of American professional wrestling since I was five years old and I've wanted to write a book on the sport/art form from a TV viewer's perspective for a really long time.
5. I used to be incredibly violent, angry and agnostic in my early teens but I pride myself on the fact that I haven't smashed anything, hit anyone and that I have believed in God for at least the last six years.
6. I believe very firmly in the great equalising principle in this universe.
7. I fell down a flight of stairs at a camp when I was twelve years old and suffered one-and-a-half chipped teeth which required three root canals, nine injections and a plethora of dental wires. I recall that this was absolute torture and, aside from a fifteen minute "necessary procedure" to fill out and cement those same teeth, I haven't been to a dentist since December 9, 1999. And I don't plan to.
8. I have never been to a funeral or a graveyard.
9. I need to get married before the age of twenty-seven, as this is the age that I have estimated that I will finally and irreversibly go bald. And I've never heard of a normal bald man getting married.
10. I think that 'Seinfeld' is the greatest TV programme in the world and that everything in life can truly be related to a 'Seinfeld' episode.
11. I think that Narendra Modi is an awesome politician and people should learn to appreciate the great things he has done for Gujarat. And he'd make a way cooler Prime Minister than either Manmohan Singh (again), Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or Mayawati.
12. One of my greatest desires in life is to watch a live Oasis concert.
13. Ever since I was really young, I've been told by everyone around me of the merits of academic self-sufficiency. This, combined with the fact that I cannot, for the life of me, read other peoples' handwriting, is pretty much the only reason why I take notes in class.
14. I'm really not much of a late night person and though I really hate the process of having to wake up at a designated time, I don't really mind mornings all that much.
15. I think that if, sadly, baseliners are, in fact, to inherit the game of tennis, then they should all aspire to the Federer ideal and not the Nadal one.
16. I've been a fan of the Australian cricket team for fourteen years, of the McLaren Formula 1 team for twelve and of Leeds United Football Club for ten.
17. I don't read books or poetry.
18. Mohammad Azharuddin is the greatest batsman I have ever seen.
19. I really don't enjoy speaking in public. I got involved in parliamentary debating in college quite by accident, considering I didn't debate at all in high school and I think that it's only those people who know me well who understand exactly how bad I am at it.
20. I really, really wish the Kashmir valley becomes safe for people like us to live there permanently at some point in our lifetime. It's one thing I really want to do.
21. I love Chinese food and can't understand people who don't. If you're one of them and I know you, chances are that we've had quite a tumultuous association.
22. I want to make a career out of non-legal writing, preferably sports or music journalism.
23. My ideal breakfast would include a glass of fresh orange, pineapple or grape juice.
24. I really appreciate people with musical talent, especially since I have zero such talent myself. However, please stay away from me if your expertise is in classical music because I just can't stand that stuff.
25. There's this story involving a letter my cousin brother wrote to a university which I think of every now and then which never fails to remind me where I come from and how thankful I am to my family for giving me everything I've ever wanted.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

February 7, 2009. 9.27-9.50 pm.

The first stop on the Indraprastha/Dwarka Sector-9 line of the Delhi Metro on the wrong side of Rajiv Chowk is the Ramakrishna Ashram Marg station and I think that the absent-minded twenty-three minutes I spent there last night have heavily influenced my decision not to represent National Law School as a debater at another parliamentary debate held in this country ever again.

It's no snap decision, I assure. Quite on the contrary, I think that the argument on the inevitability of variable person-to-person healthcare costs is about as close as one can get to "sexy matter."

Och, well. At least I tried :)

I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but I'm going to tell it again.

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I've been wilfully caught up in the self-defeating quest to get to know myself for years. I've never expected anything beneficial to result from such a quest. I tend to evoke extremely polarised reactions from people I get to know in passing. Consequently, only those people who know me inside-out would honestly claim that I'm a person who's just "alright." It's not a coincidence that the description I've laid out above has no fewer than, title included, eleven references to me (make that twelve). I'm affectionately referred to as "Ego." I think that last statement might have given away a tad too much. Welcome Aboard.

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