Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday's Two

Over the course of seventy-five engaging minutes this evening, I discussed enforced bonding, the four questions you should ask yourself about your friends, how travelling long distances for short meetings is often worth it, how the group of people you end up staying in touch with is entirely your doing, NG's 'simple but deep' lyrics, the kinds of plans you should try to avoid on Sunday afternoons, the mysteries of life, the universe and the purpose of meaning and, of course, whether the standard of the hypothetical addressee envisioned by Lord Reid at page 355 of Technograph v. Mills and Rockley [1972] RPC 346 is that of a skilled man or that of a nerd.

Alright, so I made up that last bit. But not by much, I'll have you know.

NR, thank you for letting me be me. :-)

Stumps, Day 2

I can feel a third-innings collapse coming on. Ugh.

Australia v India, 1st Test Match, Melbourne Cricket Ground, December 26-30, 2011
Brief scores, Stumps, Day 2: Australia 333 (EJM Cowan 68, RT Ponting 62, PM Siddle 41; Z Khan 4/77, R Ashwin 3/81, U Yadav 3/106); India 3/214 (SR Tendulkar 73, RS Dravid 68*, V Sehwag 67; JL Pattinson 1/35, BW Hilfenhaus 1/50, PM Siddle 1/53).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"The second 'W' in WWE"

Congratulations Bryan Danielson, for scripting the fairytale denouement of the little indy wrestler that could. You, sir, are an inspiration to everyone who has been told that it "just won't happen" for them. I was too emotionally spent after Bret Hart's shock career-ending to ever invest in the largely thankless pursuit of making a wrestling career a personal interest. However, I'm thrilled to declare today, after seven long years of following a career that seemed destined to resonate with fans for what it wasn't rather than for what it was, that Bryan Danielson was an effort worth making. In these times of professional wrestling's desperate poverty of talent that can actually "do what the marquee says", Bryan Danielson has meant as much to me as Bret Hart did in the glory days.       

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson holding the two lead titles in WWE in December 2011 - who's writing the scripts here? No pun intended, of course. :-)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Britpop, Bad Food, Statutory Interpretation - Story of My Life

I'm riding a wave called A Northern Soul. Now this is music, no pun intended.

The bruschetta at Nirula's is bad. Really very bad.

Section 30(4) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 states:

"Sub-section (3) shall not apply where there exists legitimate reasons for the proprietor to oppose further dealings in the goods in particular, where the condition of the goods, has been changed or impaired after they have been put on the market."

For the life of me, I do not understand why there is a comma between 'goods' and 'has'. Someone 'explain me why'. Please.

I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but I'm going to tell it again.

My photo
I've been wilfully caught up in the self-defeating quest to get to know myself for years. I've never expected anything beneficial to result from such a quest. I tend to evoke extremely polarised reactions from people I get to know in passing. Consequently, only those people who know me inside-out would honestly claim that I'm a person who's just "alright." It's not a coincidence that the description I've laid out above has no fewer than, title included, eleven references to me (make that twelve). I'm affectionately referred to as "Ego." I think that last statement might have given away a tad too much. Welcome Aboard.

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