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I've never liked Neil Warnock, I probably never will. My rant last November about Warnock having "cut Leeds United adrift from footballing relevance" may have been an exaggeration, but not by much. In fact, I've had friends tell me that Leeds United has been irrelevant long enough for Warnock's thirteen months in charge - which came to an end Monday night after a loss by the odd goal in three at ER - were never going to have a significant impact on their relevance. That may well be true but my sense is that far more powerful changes are being felt - the continued, unsanctioned sale of a bunch of our best players, the GFH Capital flight ruse, the Thorp Arch drama and, ultimately - and perhaps most damagingly - a team ethic and a style of play that has been bent so far out of shape that the Grayson way seems like it was ages ago.

Yet, the gates are still strong, the fan base continues to be immense, the facilities are among the best in the north of England and it looks like financial stability, if not affluence, can be counted on in the medium-term. O'Neill or Coyle or Hughes or whoever else it is will have little to blame but themselves. The heart, however, pines for an identity, a character and a style to call our own. 

So here's to knowing just a little bit better what does not work at this club, here's to the days of Dirty, Dirty Leeds, here's to the next manager and here's to being hopeful for all times to come.    

I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but I'm going to tell it again.

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