Saturday, June 19, 2010

As I'm Leaving

For the record, I hate the David Gray song. But as I'm leaving, I think of the unity and the bickering, the frenzy and the calm, the big hits and the near misses, the wonderful people and the more wonderful people.

Indeed, one big thing I've learnt from college is that people respond to be trusted, that an arm over the shoulder to literally anyone, putting them at the centre of the conversation, leads to some excellent results and, perhaps more importantly, some unforgettable friendships.

The other big thing (and this, I suspect, is going to be what I miss the most about law school) is that it never ceases to amaze me how each and every person has a remarkable story to tell. Over five years, I've been absolutely amazed by the kinds of people who I've met here, what motivates them, things they've done and, in some cases, things they plan to do in the future.

My own future is as full of dark alleys and nameless streets as it was when I first came here but there's enough I've picked up over five years that makes me confident that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if there isn't, I'm sure I won't run short on the perseverance to keep trying.

Lastly, to my dear Wujh, I don't know with what intention we were made to get to know each other, but I'm thankful beyond belief that we were. Twenty-six months finally came to the perfect conclusion last night and much like that day, when you got me not to care that there was a Ferrari one-two, last night you got me not to care that Lukas Podolski missed that penalty. There will always be places, times and feelings I'll inextricably associate with you and that, quite simply, is what memories are all about. And memories make the world go round.   

Saturday, June 05, 2010

5YP + 14

I wonder why the students of the fifth year don't win Univ Weeks more often. Time, enthusiasm, know-how and a lack of trepidation all weigh most heavily in favour of the senior-most class.

I'd forgotten what it felt like to be in acad post-12 a.m. I shifted my study base to hostel before this 3 a.m. exam perm business started and honestly, my only memories of post-12 a.m. acad have been in Univ Weeks past and during that infamous dekhte-hain-VC-kya-karega sit-in during second year.

There are few sights in law school (or anywhere, for that matter) more beautiful than watching the sun rise in the morning. As acute as the feeling of having slept in way too often for five years is, even more pronounced is the feeling that these days I'm living right now will never, ever come back.

As much as it has done its best to ruin Univ Week, I'm going to miss the rain in Bangalore and how natural a corrective reaction it seems to be to the slightest warm spell.

A really close friend of mine recently told me how proud she was of me for having survived my rather rough initiation to law school and it got me thinking about how, despite that, of all the things I'd wanted at the end of five years here, unless fate or Exam Department intervenes, I'm ending up with none. But truth be told, if I had a sixth year in law school, I wouldn't mind at all, actually. And that's something I never thought I'd say. 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Of Hot Pants, Ke$ha and Breaking Hiatuses

"Univ Week is the only time in the year when law school behaves like a normal college."

And it makes you fall in love with it. Every single time. :)

I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but I'm going to tell it again.

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I've been wilfully caught up in the self-defeating quest to get to know myself for years. I've never expected anything beneficial to result from such a quest. I tend to evoke extremely polarised reactions from people I get to know in passing. Consequently, only those people who know me inside-out would honestly claim that I'm a person who's just "alright." It's not a coincidence that the description I've laid out above has no fewer than, title included, eleven references to me (make that twelve). I'm affectionately referred to as "Ego." I think that last statement might have given away a tad too much. Welcome Aboard.

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