Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Some day, the true story may be told.'

"One likes to think that there is some fantastic limbo for the children of imagination, some strange, impossible place where the beaux of Fielding may still make love to the belles of Richardson, where Scott's heroes still may strut, Dickens' delightful Cockneys still raise a laugh, and Thackeray's worldlings continue to carry on their reprehensible careers. Perhaps in some humble corner of such a Valhalla, Sherlock and his Watson may for time find a place, while some more astute sleuth with some even less astute comrade may fill the stage which they have vacated."
Genuinely, genuinely moved by my second go-around with Nick Drake's music. His story is a tragic one but "Pink Moon" and "Things Behind The Sun" are timeless classics.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

Supporting Leeds United is about real highs and lows with very, very little in between. Having embraced that in all ways possible over the last thirteen years, why is it that otherwise unanimously welcomed news makes my guts churn?

It is because I'm waiting for the swift, unerring, inevitable kick in the teeth. Come on, Bates - try me.

I'm not sure if there's a point to this story but I'm going to tell it again.

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I've been wilfully caught up in the self-defeating quest to get to know myself for years. I've never expected anything beneficial to result from such a quest. I tend to evoke extremely polarised reactions from people I get to know in passing. Consequently, only those people who know me inside-out would honestly claim that I'm a person who's just "alright." It's not a coincidence that the description I've laid out above has no fewer than, title included, eleven references to me (make that twelve). I'm affectionately referred to as "Ego." I think that last statement might have given away a tad too much. Welcome Aboard.

IHTRTRS ke pichle episode mein aapne dekha...


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